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The Ced-Rel Supper Club tag line is "The Taste you will Remember".  Oh Yes, I will remember NOT to go back to the Ced-Rel.  Now, Jeff and I have had a few meals at Ced-Rel in the past and thought them to serve quality food.  Tonight was not their best offering.

I made a reservation for my husband and myself for 7:00pm on a Friday night. When we arrived we were seated immediately.  We were disappointed by the meager beer and wine list.  So we ordered Sam Adams Oktoberfest as it was the best of the poor choices.  Our server returned to tell us that they were out of that beer.  We then ordered a glass of low quality Riesling. The server quickly brought us the signature Ced-Rel relish tray. This sampling was a huge disappointment.  First of all, the Deep Fried Chicken livers were so overcooked that they were dry and rubbery. My husband commented that there was no longer any cheese on the platter and that he was sure that there were 4 onion rings and not two on the platter.  Our server did not appear to take our dinner order until the we had finished with the relish tray.  I finally ordered the Half Beef Tenderloin (rare) and Shrimp ($28) and Jeff ordered a Beef tenderloin (rare) and Shrimp ($40).  Along with our proteins they throw in a bland salad (iceberg lettuce mix) a spud, doughy undercooked white rolls, and a crock of the worst baked beans I have ever sampled.  The beans tasted like a can of Van Kamps with a cup of brown sugar thrown in. 

Our steaks and shrimp arrived and I was unhappy to see my steak was grey and cold to the touch.  No crust or caramelization had taken place and Jeff commented that it looked like it had been briefly steamed.  I cut into my steak and it was raw.  Not rare, but totally raw.  Those of you who have been following my blog know that I am a rare steak lover.  I have even enjoyed Steak Tartare and Carpaccio from time to time.  But this was a cold, grey, unacceptable piece of meat with NO seasoning.  Jeff's steak wasn't much better so we sent them back to the kitchen for some proper preparation.  When the steaks returned, they looked better, but were still not cooked or seasoned properly. I believe the cut of meat was quality, it was just not prepared properly and had no flavor.
See the following web site for tips on how to properly cook a steak to the correct doneness.

Our server apologized for our steaks and sent the manager over to apologize more and she removed the price of my steak from the total meal cost.  The bill still came to around $85 bucks including tip. I can't remember when I have paid so much for such a mediocre meal.  I sadly must award the Ced-Rel for the big shrimp and friendly staff. 


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